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Bees like all insects can pose health risks and can cause structural damage to buildings which is why they can't be protected.

Wasptec, wasp nest removal, have an environment friendly approach when it comes to bee removal and endeavour to relocate all species of bee wherever possible.

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Wasptec and are happy to take in and protect all bee swarms that are collected. Beekeeping is a vital soultion for our ecology.

Local beekeepers can only take on honeybee swarms, they can not take in wasps, hornets or bumblebees which may need control measures.

The majority of local Pest Control companies will only destroy a bee swarm as they do not have the necessary equipment to collect and protect them. Wasptec have number of bait boxes in our vans ready for bee swarm collection.

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Local Bee Removal

Give Wasptec a Buzz for any required bee advice.

Wasp Nest Removal helpline.

Experts in Bee Relocation

Local Bee Control

All colonies treated by the Wasptec wasp nest removal team come with a full 100% guarantee,
if insects are present after 48 hours then Wasptec will return free of charge.

Wasptec Guarantee

Wasptec give you a 100% Guarantee on all our work. With over 26 years expericence we are confident that we can help.

Download the Wasp Removal Guarantee here


Just because bees are not protected does not mean Wasptec do not try to save and relocate them if we possibly can.

Wasptec have a very experienced team who can identify the bee in question and offer the most appropriate course of action to take.

When a colony can not be moved on and an extermination is required Wasptec take great responsibility in ensuring this is carried out as humanely as possible.

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Having troubles with breathing after a sting or insect bite? Then you may be suffering with anaphylactic shock

Hornet, bee and wasp stings can sometimes induce severe selling to the throat causing problems with breathing, medical help needs to be sought immediately.

Anaphylaxis is a life threatening condition bought on by extreme allergic reactions. One of the main contributors to this condition are insect bites and stings.

If you are worried about the swelling incurred after a sting or if any breathing issues are present then medical attention is required immediately. Speed is of the essence in these situations because anaphylactic shock can kill.

Epinephrine needs to be administered to those suffering with anaphylaxis, if you have an Epi-Pen at hand then this can be used on the patient.

Sufferers of allergies especially anaphylactic shock should carry an Epi-Pen with them at all times, they are readily available from your doctor under prescription or from any local pharmacy. Call Wasptec Wasp nest removal.

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It is the responsibility of all to help our bee population. Planting a few extra flowers in the garden is one positive action, bees love hanging baskets also.

All flowering plants and trees are beneficial for bees, herb gardens, vegetable plots and fruit tree not only supply great foods but also help protect all species of bee.

Try avoiding pesticides in the garden as these are harmful to beneficial insects like bees and butterflies, try adding a wild patch which will attract a variety of creatures the children can learn about and enjoy.

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Don't panic if a swarm of bees is flying overhead or has settled nearby, this is a natural occurrence and the bees mean absolutely no harm.

Bees often settle in chimney stacks and this is where issues can begin. The honey produced attracts vermin and other insect species, it will also penetrate plasterwork and can be costly to resolve. Wasptec offer free advice on this subject.

Wasptec have bee removal technicians available seven days a week during the bee swarming season around the Spring months.

An environmental friendly effort is always made to remove the bees without using pesticides or insecticides, if this is not possible then Wasptec may have to undergo a treatment process but this is always safe and humane.

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How do I attract bees to my garden?

If like us you want to help protect bees then try planting seasonal flowers, fruit trees and other flowering shrubs in your garden. This will also help the butterfly population.

What is bad for bees?

The worst thing for honeybees and bumblebees alike are pesticides used on plants, try using natural insect control products readily available in all good garden centres.

Do hornets kill bees?

Yes they do, hornets attack bee hives so they can feed on the huge amounts of honey within the honeycomb, the Asian hornet is the biggest predator of honeybees.

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