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Wasptec, wasp nest removal, love the local enviroment and always try to protect bees. UK ecology needs pollination from certain bee types.

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Wasptec have specialists on hand to answer your calls.


Wasptec, Wasps Nest Removal, have an extensive wasp, hornet and bee knowledge and can assist you today.

Wasps in the chimney stack, a bee swarm in the bushes or hornets taken over the shed then don't despair Wasptec can quickly help, simply give us a buzz.

If wasps are ruining your barbecue or if bees have swarmed into the garden tree then Wasptec can help. Local based technicians are on hand to resolve any issue with the minimum of fuss. Call now for the quickest action on offer.

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Wasp nest removal


Call Wasptec if you require any advice or if you need a technician to attend your premises to remove any infestation you may have.

Wasptec are available from 7am to 10pm seven days a week during the Summers peak wasp season so that we can help you relieve problems quickly.

Wasp control is delivered in a way that no other insect or wildlife species will be harmed during the process ensuring an environment friendly approach.

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Wasptec have advanced beekeeping experts available to give advice about bee infestation.

Killing bees where they could be relocated is irresponsible and not a policy Wasptec undertake, all efforts are made to save bees before any control measures are considered.

Feel free to give us a call if you need any help. Wasptec are easily contacted on 01132 566 665 and happy to help you with any wasp removal, bee relocation or hornet treatmes and concerns that you may have.

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Can I treat a wasp nest myself?

Wasp killer foams and dusts can be obtained easily but are not very effective and can be very dangerous to administer especially at the top of a ladder.

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Where can I buy Wasp Powder?

Local garden centres and hardware stores will sell wasp killing products, if you do insist on attempting yourself, be well wrapped up and always do in the evening when the nest is quieter.

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Is Wasp and Bee Removal Safe?

Wasptec wasp control is very safe because we have the correct equipment for the job, DIY treatments can be very risky and are not advisable. Thousands of wasps and bees will inhabit a colony and all can attack under duress.

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