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Wasptec Wasp Nests Removal charge a fixed price for all treatments and have discounts on multiple nests.

The prices you see is all you will ever have to pay, Wasptec provide pricing for all species clearly and will never try to charge you more.

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Wasp Nest Removal for both domestic residents and commercial sectors throughout Surrey and surrounding areas.

Environment friendly pest solutions every day of the week including bank holidays from 8am until 9pm.

Having a barbecue or picnic and being plagued by wasps, don't despair call Wasptec for a quick resolve even on the weekends.

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Wasptec - Wasp Nest Removal



Prices displayed are for standard rates. Rates can vary based on the time of year, location and complexity of the job. Please call the office for a clear quote. Thank you.

Customers come back year after year to Wasptec which is why we can keep our pricing permanently low without our high level of service suffering.

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Hornets have become more common in towns and cities and for your safety professional hornet removal is recommended.

Hornets are a large species of wasp with colonies of a thousand or more and will most commonly nest in roof spaces, sheds, wall cavities and in garden trees.

Hornet removal is ill advised for anyone without the correct protection and training, they have a very protective nature and will attack in force if they sense the Queen hornet is under threat.

Guaranteed Service - Wasp Nest Removal
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If you have bumblebees nesting in a bird box or near the roof line then be aware, this is the Asian Tree Bumblebee

A particularly aggressive bee and detrimental to British bees this species does require treatments to control spreading rapidly across the Surrey district

Most bumbles nest underground so if you have any nesting above ground level it is most likely to ne the notorious Asian bee. Wasptec can offer free advice on these bees.

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A natural event for honeybees is to swarm and they do in there thousands causing concern wherever they go.

Bees swarm because a new queen has emerged and so the colony splits with half of the bees taking their new queen to find a new place to settle.

Wasptec bee removal will always try to relocate a swarm as the first port of call, advice will be given if the swarm can not be gathered and if a bee control needs to take place.

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Wasptec wasp nest removal

Enviromentally Friendly

Why Are Wasptec Eco Friendly?

All Wasptec technicians are COSHH accredited and will only administer insecticides into the heart or entry of a nest so no harm comes to any other living creature.

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Can Wasptec Kill Bees?

Yes we can but we do try to avoid killing bees if it can be prevented. If bees are nesting on a property then they will cause severe structural damage and attract other pests due to the honey that they produce.

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Are Wasptec Experienced?

Yes, Wasptec wasp nest removal have been operating for more than 27 years and have a far superior knowledge of wasps, bees and hornets then the majority if not all other pest control companies.

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