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There are as many as 250 species of bee found throughout the UK, 25 of which are species of bumblebee. For all bee removal in Surrey call WASPTEC.

Understanding the different species of bee helps us decide on the best advice to give the client, many bees species are harmless and there often no measures that need to be made which is far more environment friendly. Call Wasptec wasp nest removal now.

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The three most common wasp varieties are the Common wasp, European wasp and the European Hornet.

Common wasps are the most dangerous and are most likely to attack because they nest under the ground so their nests can easily be unnoticed and stumbled upon.

Wasptec wasp nest removal can treat all wasp species effectively using high strength insecticides containing anaesthetics that will prevent any attacks occurring.

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European wasp nests are always elevated, often in lofts & behind fascia boards sometimes with 10,000 wasps.

The common wasp (Vespula Vulgaris) will nest underground and is responsible for most wasp attacks. The nests are concealed and can be accidentally walked across which leads the wasps to attack. The slightest vibration will alert the wasps to defend their colony and they do so in vast numbers. Call the Wasptec wasp nest removal helpline now.

Wasptec wasp control have an abundance of experience when it comes to all hornet, wasp and bee species and have never failed in resolving an issue for our clients.

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Can wasps sting more than once?

Yes, each individual wasp can sting many times, bumblebees can also sting multiple times which is what makes any attack so painful.

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How many wasp species are there?

There are more than 9000 species in the UK but most are parasitic and cant be seen without the use of a microscope. Only 9 species are social insects and will form nests.

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Do bees sting multiple times?

Many species of bee can not sting at all, honeybees can only sting once because there are barbs on the stinger but bumblebees can sting several times.

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Throughout Surrey there are about 26 different species of bumble, from quite small white tailed bumblebees to the larger buff tailed bumblebee.

The most aggressive of all bumbles is the Asian Tree species, with an orange thorax and white tail this particular bee nests above ground level unlike other bumblebee species.

Bombus Hypnorum or Asian Tree Bees are now the most commonly seen in the UK and are a real threat to native bees. Food source is scarce for all bees but this particular species is quickly taking over and they do need to be controlled.

If you are experiencing bees in the gutter line, under loft insulation or in a discarded bird box then you have an infestation of Asian Tree Bumblebees. Extreme caution should be made as these bees will attack.

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Can you help with Asian Bumblebees?

Yes, because they are dominant in the UK and detrimental to other bee species we do use treatments to control there numbers. They can also be very dangerous when attacks occur.

Do we have the Asian Hornet species?

Yes, they have been spotted a few times now and are likely to spread. Measures are being made to eliminate them but it is inevitable that Asian Hornets are here to stay.

Which bees nest underground?

There are two likely candidates, if they are quite small then they are mining bees but if they are larger than they will be a species of bumblebee.



If a swarm has landed nearby, on the home or in the garden, call Wasptec and we can arrange a bee swarm collection service.

Local beekeepers are happy to have extra additions to there bee hives, Wasptec can collect the bee swarm and safely transport them all to there new home.

Bee Removal helps the environment in a huge way, by taking the bees away the beekeepers can produce more honey and the honeybees can carry on pollinating which is what they do best.

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Do Wasptec relocate honeybees?

Best efforts are made to relocate swarms of bees, however occasionally there will be no access to the swarm without major building works and treatments would have to be made.

Are African bees in Surrey?

No, African bees are not in the UK yet and British honeybees are unlikely to attack unless deliberately provoked.

How many bee species are there?

In Surrey we have 26 species of bumblebee and roughly 250 types of bee. Visit the BWARS website where far more detailed information about bees can be found.



Wasptec wasp nest removal also carry out pest control measures throughout Croydon, Bromley and Epsom.

Wasptec have been treating wasp nests since 1993 and have accumulated invaluable experience with such volatile insects. Wasps are extremely aggressive and cause many deaths every year.

Commercial pest control can be provided and Wasptec are fully qualified to work with local councils, estate agents, care homes and management facility companies to name but a few. Whatever the sector Wasp Removal can help.

Regardless of the insect species treated Wasptec are happy to invoice for the works carried out and wait for payment runs to be made. Contracts are available for larger companies looking after a number or properties and outlets.

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Which species is the most dangerous?

The Asian Hornet is by far the most dangerous species in the UK, but Asian Tree Bumblebees, European Hornets and wasps can cause fatalities.

Is the wasp nest destroyed?

Not initially if occupied, bees, hornets and wasps need to feed and collect construction materials and therefore many will be away from the nest when treatment is applied. The foraging insects need to return and go through the treatment for complete eradication.

Can you take a nest away?

Absolutely, this would need to be done two days or more after the initial treatment, the cost is the same as a wasp control Surrey treatment. If you remove the nest yourself we suggest to wait a week or two to ensure all wasps have died.



Hornets pose a real risk to the public if disturbed, only professional pest control technicians should ever approach an active hornets nest.

Wasptec Wasp Removals guarantee that all of hornet control is safe for you and others around. Wasptec do not cause swarms or hornet attacks.

In the unlikely event you discover a nest of hornets that have an orange head and black and orange thorax then please eave well alone. These are Asian Hornets (Vespula Velutina) and are potentially life threatening if disturbed.

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Are Hornets a protected species?

No. European hornets can be left alone if nesting away from the garden or home area but Asian Hornets require rapid extermination because they kill our native honeybees.

Do Hornets Nest on homes?

Very much so, hornets have become far more urbanised and are regularly seen nesting on buildings within the Surry and surrounding area.

Do Hornets sting?

Yes and it is very painful, although the sting has no more venom than a wasps sting it will penetrate far deeper and enter into the muscle which causes immense pain.

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