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Wasptec provide Wasp Nest Removal in Tandridge and the near by areas. Wasp nest removal London

  • Wasp Nest Removal
  • £55
  • Hornet Nest Control
  • £65
  • Bee Nest Removal
  • £75
  • Bumble Bee Control
  • £75
  • Bee Swarms
  • £85


  • FIXED Price Treatments

Wasptec have a fixed price policy you will never be charged more for any treatment shown on the price list. Individual wasp nest removal costs are only £55, never a penny more. Hornet nest treatments are £55. Wasptec carry out a site survey and let you now if you have extra infestations about your property. If there is then they will be pointed out to you. Extra nests are half price.

Wasps, hornets and bees will buzz around gardens and flowerbeds, this does not mean you have a nest. Honeybees pollinating plants and shrubs should be encouraged. Bumblebees are in decline and should be a site to enjoy, watching them awkwardly fly from flower to flower. For a fixed price resolve on all infestations call Wasptec, experts in wasp nest removal.


Wasptec Specialists provide Wasp Nest Removal in London and its surrounding areas

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