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Wasptec wasp nest removal have local branches situated in Surrey, Croydon and Bromley and work for both domestic and commercial markets

For the quickest resolve available for any pest control situation Wasptec are on hand every day of the week to offer advice and resolve.

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Wasptec Wasp Nest Removal only use fully licensed industrial strength, safe and humane insecticides.

Insecticides can be environmentally unfriendly when in the hands of the untrained. Liberal spraying is actually illegal and kills other wildlife. Wasptec undergo all COSHH regulations.

Understanding the effects of insecticides on our planet is paramount to the training we give to our technicians. Rest assured Wasptec will never harm the natural environment.

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Fully guaranteed commercial or domestic pest control service call the helpline. Same day bookings available.

Wasptec will survey your property upon arrival and explain the process to you and any insecticides that we use are guaranteed to be safe for you and humane for the colony.

Wasptec Wasp Nests Removals surrey have undertaken full COSHH training and fully understand how to apply insecticides to nests without causing harm to the surroundings.

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What Insecticide do you use?

For most wasp and hornet treatments an odourless dust which contains anaesthetic is used, known as Ficam D this is the most appropriate insecticide on the market today.

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Are the insecticides humane?

Yes, they are very fast acting and because they have anaesthetic within the composition they cause no unnecessary suffering to bees, wasps or hornet

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Do you have a license?

Wasptec are fully licensed to buy the strongest pest control products available ensuring all our method are safe and fully effective.

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