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Wasptec, wasp nest removal specialise in insect control and have become the first choice for residents throughout Surrey. Buzz the Helpline now for a friendly chat with one of the Wasptec specilists.


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Wasptec, wasp nest removal attend to all issues inside 24 hours and can usually sort the problem on the very same day you call.

All services supplied by Wasptec come with a full 100% guarantee and are carried out by highly trained personnel with many years experience and knowledge.

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Wasptec are very competitive, fair and transparent on all costs. 25% cheaper than Surrey council.

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Asian and European hornet control costs from £75.

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Wasptec, Wasp Nest Removal

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Wasptec wasp nest removal are easily contaced and happy to talk to you about your wasp, bee or hornet concerns. Please read the wasp control guarantee which is for yuor peace of mind and ensurses a professional bee swarm, bee nest or wasp nest removal in and around Surrey. Download the Wasp Removal Guarantee here


Wasps are a very established insect, not only in Surrey but across the UK. Wasps have been present for millions of years and will no doubt be around long after we have left. The two species of wasp most troublesome to the public, the European and Common wasp.

Many wasp species do not sting but here in Surrey European and Common wasps sting often and attacks can not only be painful but sometimes even fatal.

Wasptec, Wasp Nest Removal, can deal with colonies of wasps exceeding 50,000 which is a staggering number. Wasps can sting many times over making treatments of nests potentially very dangerous and should always be left to professional wasp control experts.

Wasptec wasp nests removal make quick work of any sized colony, leaving you and your family out of harms way and be wasp free once again.


A severe condition causing allergic reaction when stung by bees, wasps or hornets.

Prompt medical assistance is required if symptoms are present. Anaphylaxis can occur even to those who think they are not allergic, beekeepers are often caught out thinking they can't be vulnerable to bee stings. Wasptec Wasp Control offer free advice on stings and the best treatments to use to help reduce the discomfort that will usually occur after an insect bite.

Children playing in the garden, pub lunches, trips to the seaside and visits to theme parks rarely go by without somebody being stung. The control of wasps on homes can help reduce there numbers dramatically.

Wasptec, Wasp Nest Removal, know the majority of wasp attacks could easily be avoided, most occur because of public DIY wasp products dangerous to administer.

Professional wasp control companies have the correct safety training and protective suits to eradicate nests in the safest ways possible.

Bees can cause concerns in your home and in the garden if they have decided to nest nearby, Wasptec have bee specialists available for the best advice. Simply call the helpline.

Don't be fooled, bees will attack if provoked or if they feel under threat. Bee removal should only be undertaken by trained pest controllers.


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Wasptec, Wasp Nest Removal excel in quick, effective insect control. Buzz the helpline now.

Experience brings knowledge and 27 years is a lot, stay safe and wasp free with the most experienced wasp control company in Surrey and surrounding areas.

Wasp killer powders and foams are still available to members of the public but most wasp attacks occur because of them. They are not very safe to use especially up ladders or close to the colonies.

Wasptec Wasp Nest Removal Guarantee


Wasptec are have an environmentally friendly policy and will never harm any other insect, fauna or wildlife species during our controlled measures.

If bees can't be relocated then Wasptec will use the most humane methods to disperse the colony and will cause no unnecessary suffering to any creature.

Wasp nest removal Image of a Bee Swarm

A swarm of honeybees is a completely natural event but can be quite scary when it occurs. If a swarm settles nearby then call in Wasptec experts

Bee Swarm Relocation is always carried out if achievable, the bees are safely collected and placed into hives that are attended to by Wasptec beekeepers

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