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Wasptec are a professional family run company specialising in the removal and relocation of bees, hornets and wasps. Over 26 years field. Wasptec have a number of highly trained technicians available in many locations across Surrey, West Sussex, Kent and London

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Wasp nest removal London , Surrey, Kent, West Sussex and Greater London.

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Wasp nests can be home to colonies exceeding 50,000 wasps which makes them a potentially very dangerous insect. Their nature is to protect the Queen, they do this by attacking in very large numbers. Wasp nests are best left to experts with the correct protection and application equipment for a safe resolve. Wasptec have been safely treating wasp, bee and hornet colonies for domestic and commercial markets for over 26 years.

Wasp Nest Removal can be provided in a safe and humane way by the Wasptec team. Our treatments are quick and effective and will leave you wasp free in no time at all. Wasptec offer this fully guaranteed service seven days of the week and even on bank holidays.

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Wasp Nest Removal Costs

Wasptec are proud to have a fixed price policy which can be seen below.
50% discount is given for more than one nest. Wasptec will never charge more than quoted.

Wasp Nest Removal


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Wasptec Specialists provide Wasp Nest Removal in London and its surrounding areas

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Wasp Nest Removal Surrey

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Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps like to start nests
in warm and humid places
such as attics


Hornet Control

Hornets are the largest
member of the wasp family.


Bee Swarm Removal

The best pollinators
in the world
are Bees


Wasp Nest Removal Kent and surrounding areas

Wasp facts
Wasps are particularly fond of sweet foods, fizzy drinks and ice creams, they also relish a good barbecue and tasty picnic. No wonder they are so annoying, enjoying a day out usually entails at least one of the above.

Wasps also love rotting fruit, unfortunately this makes them very drunk
and like a teenage boy on a bottle of cider they
want to attack anything in their path.

Enjoy Summer Wasp Nest Free

Wasptec have technicians throughout Surrey, London, West Sussex and Kent
helping with infestations on domestic homes and gardens and on all commercial premises.

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Wasptec only supply fully licensed treatments and never use weak shop products. Wasptec use a dust known as Ficam D, this is a strong pesticide which will kill off a wasp nest very quickly. The powder is administered into the wasp or hornets entry point using specialist application equipment. Ficam D has an anaesthetic component which makes the wasps drowsy and unable to swarm or attack making our treatments the safest available.

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Bumblebees are a sign that Summer has arrived , buzzing around parks, gardens and woodland flowers the “humble bumble” is a lovely British experience. Most bumblebees rarely sting and only do so if protecting their queen but there is one exception to the rule. Bombus Hypnorum is an Asian bumblebee that nests under insulation in roof spaces. Go very careful with this species of bee as it it can be very defensive and will attack.

Hornets prefer the countryside but will also reside on homes and buildings in more suburban areas. Colonies can be dangerous if disturbed and as many as 1,000 hornets could spring an unwelcome attack. Hornets really should be left to professional pest controllers.

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Stings and bites from any insect are unpleasant but wasp, bee and hornet stings are really quite painful. Wasps sting more frequently and often do so without provocation, pruning the flowers, walking the dog or playing in the garden and suddenly you get stung. If extreme swelling or breathing difficulties occur then you maybe experiencing anaphylactic shock and medical attention will be needed straight away.

Bees, hornets and bumbles rarely sting and only do so to protect the Queen of the colony but if you have been stung then you may experience the symptoms above so always be aware that anaphylaxis can be life threatening and needs addressing quickly.

Bees Nest Removal

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